Friday, January 16, 2015

((art feeds))

I love seeing inspiring women do big things with their dreams. That's exactly what Meg, of Art Feeds, is doing. Instead of a simple Follow Friday on instagram, I wanted to write a quick post about Art Feeds. It is a nonprofit organization that fosters and facilitates emotional expression in children through art. You can read more about them and what they do here. Simply put? $1 = 1 lesson for a child. 

They also have a rad online store with comfy goods to wear, paper items (think stationery + prints), and stylish accessories. The interior of this cozy sweatshirt is the softest thing I own. My favorite item they have is this color outside the lines tee for kids..SO dang cute and what a fun project! All proceeds go to fund Art Feeds. They also have a #doubleyourgive campaign so that when you donate to Art Feeds, you also receive a gift to give to someone and a card explaining what was donated on their behalf. 

I found Art Feeds through instagram (through Meg) and you can follow them, too,here. It's such a fun feed to follow! 

What other rad businesses / non-profits have you loved hearing about lately? 


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  1. Keep Austin Fed. Food recovery non profit. My leadership class is partnering with them to create more chapter.


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