Thursday, February 12, 2015

a little spring-time outfit inspiration

We've had the most amazing weather the past few weeks. It heats up to upper sixties and then cools down for a snow day about once a week. Then it all melts off again and by the weekend we are in shorts playing at the park. It's such a tease, because I know the frigid temps and snow is just around the corner (it has to be, right?!), but I can't say that I'm not loving it! 

Spring is my favorite season for outfitting because it allows for the best bright, colorful prints and layers.  I sized up in these boyfriend jeans to wear with my belly band to account for the bump. Typically, you'll want to size down in a true boyfriend denim.  I lived in these tanks when I was pregnant with Knox, and just bought a fresh batch. They're super long to account for my long torso and incredibly soft - I wear them when I'm not pregnant too ;) And finally, I love these three neutral accessories ((shoes + hat + scarf)) paired with a bright floral clutch. Perfection!

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  1. I love that outfit! That is totally something I would wear! I feel like we have the same style.
    Thanks for sharing!



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