Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Bacon, Goat Cheese & Butternut Squash Pasta ((Recipe))

I love a good and hearty pasta dish. It's filling, usually inexpensive and can feed a crowd. This one is a few recipes I've tried over the years, combined and tweaked to our preferences. It's perfect for Fall & Winter and is delicious as leftovers the next day, too ((if there is any left)).  Make this when you're tired of your turkey day leftovers! ;)

A few options: You can drizzle with honey, add brussels sprouts to your roasted veggies or use prosciutto instead of bacon.  I typically go and grab 4-6 slices of "fresh" peppered bacon from the butcher or prosciutto from the deli counter at Whole Foods instead of buying it in a package. I've also used everything from quinoa pasta (Ancient Harvest brand at Whole Foods) to regular penne and the "vegetable enriched" penne. 

4 slices of peppered bacon
4-6 oz of goat cheese
1 red onion or 2-3 shallots, sliced
1 small-medium sized butternut squash, cubed
2 cloves garlic, minced (or 8 garlic cloves WHOLE, in paper, roasted with the butternut squash)
handful of basil leaves, chopped
1-2 cups of spinach, chiffonade (fancy word for chopping into thin ribbons)
Olive oil, salt and pepper

1. Cube butternut squash, toss in a little bit of coconut or olive oil, sprinkle with salt & pepper and roast in oven until tender. (425 degrees for 20  minutes should do it) Feel free to add any other winter veggies you love. Note: You don't even need to peel the butternut squash. 
2. In a cast iron pot or dutch oven (I use this one), cook your bacon. When cooked, set aside on paper towel to cool. 
3. Salt some water and cook pasta, according to package directions. When done cooking, drain but reserve some  of the pasta water to add back into the pot. This will help the sauce develop.
4. In the bacon grease, toss in the onion and let it caramelize. When the onions are almost done, turn down the heat to medium-low and throw in the garlic to cook for another minute or two. 
5. Turn heat down to low, add pasta and goat cheese. Add a little bit of pasta water and stir. Add more  as needed until the goat cheese has melted and created a sauce. Don't add too much or everything will get soggy. Add spinach, crumbled bacon, butternut squash and half of the basil. Gently toss. 
6. Salt to taste. 
7. Top with crumbled bacon, fresh basil and if you're feeling fancy drizzle with a tiny bit of honey. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)



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