((about kim))

In Kim's home, there is a plethora of pretty coffee table books, an Anthology magazine being flipped through, and a vintage globe that represents a love for travel. You'll find a conglomeration of vintage elements, eclectic details, modern furniture, with plenty of brightly colored textiles thrown in the mix. There will almost always be a volcano candle lit and Dean Martin playing on Pandora. If you're lucky, there will be cupcakes or macarons fresh from the oven.

In Kim's studio, you will find a tornado of a mess. Designer fabrics strewn about, a hot glue gun oozing on her desk, and thread trimmings everywhere are not out of the ordinary. You will see piles upon piles, stacks upon stacks, and bins upon bins of colorful fabric & thread in every color imaginable. On any given day, there are at least three projects on queue and endless lists of blog post ideas, sketches, product ideas and needed supplies ready to be scratched off.

On Kim's heart, you'll often hear of the passion for her Savior, the love for her husband, her excitement for their bundle of joy due in April, the church plant she & her husband are a part of, the heartbreak of social injustices worldwide, a desire to see more of the world, and an intense longing to see small handmade businesses succeed.

On Kim's mind, is usually a mosaic of faith, fashion, Aggie football, baking, cooking, love, sweets, laughter, sewing, travel, and finding the beauty in the simple things of life. There is usually a bit of homesick Texan syndrome going on as well. 

Oh, Sweet Joy! is a lifestyle blog where you will find an overflow of all these things, along with inspiration, tutorials, and recipes.

Come on in, stay a while. 
Whether you're sewing along to a step-by-step tutorial or just pinning a post for later...no matter how long your stay, my hope is that you leave inspired!